Contractor Fraud & Scams

Millions of people have been victims of home repair fraud and scams or shoddy construction by shady contractors. reKNOvate wants to give you the information you need, before you hire anyone, so you know how to deal with anyone you hire, to help protect you, your hard earned money, and your prized possession, your home.


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Learn how to deal with home repair contractors; how to find, hire, work with and pay contractors so you don’t get ripped off; what should and should not be in your contract, the building permit process, how to set up payment schedules, insurance issues you may not know about, how to deal with problems that may arise, change orders, lien releases and a whole lot more! It doesn’t matter where you are in your project! Learn how to protect yourself now and in the future! Schedule a workshop for your community, HOA members, neighborhood, church, etc. If you would like to schedule a workshop,


Don’t hire a contractor until you read this step-by-step instructional guidebook on how to find, hire, work with and pay contractors. At some point, every homeowner is going to have to hire a contractor. Every homeowner needs a copy of this book. Don’t let your money become part of the billions of dollars lost annually to contractor fraud and scams. Think you know all about the scams that contractors run on homeowners? Don’t be so sure. Con artist contractors are constantly crafting new ways to steal you blind.

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Protect Yourself Against Home Repair Fraud and Scams After a Disaster

Whether it’s a tornado in the Midwest or hurricane on the coast, reKNOvate quickly deploys a team of counselors to the disaster area, establishes a Resource Center in partnership with other relief organizations, and conducts one-on-one counseling with disaster victims on their home repair/rebuild, thus mitigating the risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent contractors, individuals or other organizations that prey on homeowners in this at-risk market.




We’re helping homeowners all across America protect themselves from becoming victims of home repair fraud and scams.


amount of average home repair project

$13 Billion

estimate of money lost annually to home repair fraud and scams


Scams that contractors run on homeowners

Think you know all about the scams that contractors run on homeowners? Don’t be so sure. Con artist contractors are constantly crafting new ways to steal you blind. Work your way through this book to sail past the stumbling blocks that can sink your home repair or renovation project. Learn the latest scams that unscrupulous contractors are using on unsuspecting homeowners and ensure that your money is used according to your plans. Every homeowner needs a copy of this book!

Real Testimonials

With over a 98% excellency rate on our SmartPower workshops, hear
what homeowners like you have to say about reKNOvate.

I was extremely impressed with the seminar. So much so, that we hope to be able to invite Phae back to Hoboken to continue servicing our citizens. Having seen their impact first hand, I highly recommend their services in communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. Their work is not only critical, it is urgent.

Carly RingerHoboken Hurricane Relief Coordinator

Ms. Phae Moore came to educate our employees on how to protect themselves from home repair fraud and scams. The session provided our employees with valuable information on how to screen a contractor, what should and should not be in a home repair contract, how to monitor the job, when and how to make payments and a whole lot more. We had over 100 attendees and everyone who attended walked away with lots of valuable information they could proactively use to protect themselves from scams and fraudulent practices. Many in the audience felt it was one of the best presentations and felt that Ms. Moore should make another presentation for those employees who were not able to attend. We are planning to have Ms. Moore return to do another session.

Lanii Thomas Senior Public Relations Manager, Dept. of Planning & Community Development City of Atlanta

Phae accepted that invitation and put on a workshop and invited City Council officials, building officials and local law enforcement. The session was both informative and entertaining. Many of my guests commented that it was one of the best talks they had ever attended. She covered every aspect of home repair fraud whether it involved a planned remodel or addition as well as how to handle contractors after a catastrophic storm, including information on working with your insurance company. In a way, bringing NCPHIF in to help our community protect itself against dishonest contractors seemed a natural fit for the Good Hands people as we strive to be trusted advisors in our community. I for one intend to ask Phae back to present to my community again.

Quincy Tarrance Allstate Insurance

I enjoyed meeting you. Thank you for coming to Granbury with your presentation. The meeting was great, the people that stayed after you left were still talking about the wealth of information they received. They acknowledged that a lot of their questions and concerns were answered. You are providing people with information they had never heard about and were surprised about how people pray on the elderly and uninformed. Great job!

Gary Morris Criminal Investigations, Hood County Sheriff’s Office

I have conducted numerous workshop, interacting with people in my community but your workshop is the one I will commit to my memory because of your enthusiasm, knowledge of subject, passion, and overall organization of material for discussion. Quite frankly I was very impressed and will be more than willing to join you again anytime I am call upon to educate people about scam artist methodology. The participant as I observed were very involved by asking questions, taking notes and appreciative of your commitment. Like a good neighbor I am always here for your mission.

Uwem Equan State Farm Agent

It is great to know someone is doing a service in this area. These vultures who prey on the elderly and uninformed give all of us in the business a black eye.

Bob Connelly President, R.L. Connelly & Co., Inc.

I would like to attend this workshop. I would love to have information to provide to my clients as well as for my own reference. Thank you so much for providing this type of community information. It is much in need.

Julia Smith Better Homes GA

I’m seriously considering allowing my branch to be used for the next workshop, if that’s possible. This is a tremendous service that you’re offering to the community and I want my clients to be aware.

Tamika Stafford Assistant Vice President, BB&T

Your seminar for Birmingham residents must continue. Due to the economy and other factors, homeowners are being taken advantage of by different contractors and others that help in the process. By providing experts in the fields and answering questions, residents are better equipped to handle a remodeling project and/or claim. All that attended even the panel of experts walked out knowing more. Those attending will not be afraid to ask questions in the future or ask for help by reliable resources.

Julie Bell State Farm Insurance

I think this is an excellent service you’re offering to help people. Please know that I applaud your efforts to help people and am happy to help in any way.

Angela Speir Phelps Executive Director, Georgia Watch

I do want to say that the workshops you are holding are very important. The issue of contractor fraud can have devastating impact on homeowners. Unfortunately, we seem to be running into it a lot lately, and clearly the economy probably has something to do with it. I know it has always been there, but just seems more prevalent lately. However, with workshops like yours, information and resources can be exposed to homeowners that will help identify unscrupulous contractors. I gained some knowledge at the workshop that I was unaware of. I have been involved with the insurance industry for over 20 years and it just amazes me the lengths that some contractors will go too. Thanks

Dale Silvey Property Claim Field Manager, American Family Insurance

We will definitely spread the word about what you do and I think that we can work together to service more of our community.

Alexis J. Buchanan Education/Research Specialist, Metro Fair Housing Services, Inc.

I personally enjoyed your presentation and think that you are providing a great service.

Carol J. Preston Chief Operating Officer, Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy

It is a great pleasure to partner with you to help individuals and residents gain access to valuable information that allows them to be proactive as opposed to being reactive to issues surrounding home buying, including contractor fraud. Within our NPU, we have one of the highest incidences of mortgage fraud in the area. As a community advocate, it is my job to help bring education, information and resources that will empower our people. As the Chair of the Non-Profit Council of NPUT, it is especially important to our fair housing committee that we obtain and share as much positive information to the public that will result in quality decisions, resulting in a healthy and wholesome community.

Melanie Wofford Executive Director, Community & Housing Initiatives Corporation

Hi Phae, I hope you would consider returning to Jacksonville at a future date, closer to Hurricane Season, as the seminar was so well-conducted, and the information was first class. Your presenters from the State Attorney’s Office, Florida Building and Professional Regulations, the City’s Building Official and representation from the City’s emergency management office and private insurance industry provided information that every property owner should know in order to preserve and protect their primary investment—their home…Locating a seminar in Jacksonville is always a tricky proposition, and the venue at Christ Church was attractive, inviting and easily accessed by major roads. I have some other venues in mind that might generate a greater turnout. Phae, if you would, please consider coming back. It was a privilege to present at your inaugural Jacksonville seminar.

Laura A. D’Alisera Mitigation and Recovery, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department

Excellent workshop, too bad some of the people that were there were there after the fact they had hired an unlicensed contractor. Wish we could do these more often, there is some good information the public gets when they attend a workshop like this……Learning what to expect from the licensed contractor to dealing with and identifying the unlicensed contractor. Thanks for your hard work Phae.

John Brown State Investigator, Division of Regulation, State of Florida

I would like to thank you for sharing your time with us at the Post Purchase Workshop. The session that you conducted on contract fraud was awesome. The Homeowners left the meeting with a wealth of information. One of our homeowners stated that she was so happy that she attended the session because she was about to hire a contractor to do some work on her home and the tips that you gave them in the meeting was extremely helpful.

Iris Conners Certified Housing Counselor, Housing Authority of Fulton County

The workshop was fantastic! I wish I had not been pre-obligated and could have been there at the beginning. Your investment in attending this workshop will afford you the opportunity to learn ways to protect yourself from home repair fraud and you will be able to apply what you learned immediately on your next home repair project!

Annette R. VanDevere JD, Housing Advocate, The Center for Working Families, Inc.

Let me just say thank you so much for the critical information you are providing to consumers. As a professional, the information you are providing is invaluable to consumers. If your information prevents just one consumer from becoming a victim of contractor fraud, then your organization was not formed in vain. I believe, however, that the service you provide is much more far reaching than just a single consumer. I learned so much as well from the workshop, things that I should know as an insurance professional. It never hurts to be reminded to stay with strangers surveying your property, to protect your valuables, to make sure anything with personal information is placed in a secure location. As a consumer, your story spoke to my heart. My grandmother was a victim of contractor fraud. She was a very proud woman who raised four daughters on her own. She worked so hard for every cent she ever earned. It did not stop a contractor from defrauding her of her life savings and leaving a job undone at her home. She was also a very proud woman, who like many other seniors, kept her mouth shut for a long time because she didn’t want anyone to know she had been taken. It is my sincere hope that you will continue with this program.

Dana Whaley Special Investigator, Missouri Department of Insurance

In September 2009, the City of Powder Springs, GA experienced some of the worst torrential rain and flooding in more than 500 years. Many of our neighborhoods, homeowners, and citizens became instant victims of loss and damage to their homes, businesses, and personal property. They also became instant targets for unscrupulous and unlicensed contractors intent on victimizing them and taking advantage of their vulnerability. Since that day we have taken a proactive approach in protecting our citizens from contractor fraud. Your workshop gave us a real opportunity to inform, educate, and empower our citizens to prevent home improvement and home repair contractor fraud from happening to them. Thank you. We appreciate all that you are doing to help our communities.

The Honorable Patricia Vaughn Mayor, Powder Springs, Georgia

I recently attended your workshop on How to Prevent Home Improvement, Home Repair and Contractor Fraud. During the workshop a number of very well developed and useful resources were shared with participants. I highly encourage anyone preparing to have work done on their home to attend this workshop. Many older adults have experienced fraud or problems with contractors over charging, poor quality of work, or receiving payment without completing the work. The speakers were very knowledgeable, covered all the basics from selecting reputable contractors, contracts, lien releases to final payments, and included a green expert and legal advice.

Janie L. Walker Associate State Director-Community Outreach, AARP


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