Here are some tips for what to do when you’re project is complete

You‘ve gotten through the project and you’re satisfied, and now you’re ready to give the contractor the last payment and begin enjoying your new home repair or remodel. Wait – not so fast! There are just a few last, but important, things you need to take care of:

  • Have your Punch List items been taken care of?
  • Do you have written warranties for materials and all workmanship?
  • Have all inspections been approved?
  • Have you done a final inspection of your own?
  • Have you considered hiring an independent code certified inspector, to inspect the work before you pay the contractor, to make sure everything has been done correctly?
  • Has your architect given you written approval that the job was done right?
  • Has your contractor given you a final payment affidavit?
  • Do you have your lien waivers/releases signed?

Remember, it’s important to ensure that all loose ends are tied up at the end of your project. This helps ensure your repairs are completed correctly and you won’t have to re-engage the contractor – or a new one – to get what you paid for.


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