Here are some tips for what to do during your repair/rebuild project

Be prepared by anticipating changes to your home improvement/repair project. Familiarize yourself with the details included on Before Your Project, and After Your Project.

Always Be Aware:

  • Keep a daily journal of everyone that was on-site, the weather, what was done, issues that arose, etc.
  • Don’t leave valuables around to be taken or damaged. Secure them somewhere safe and out of reach.
  • If you discover a problem in your remodeling/repair project, take photographs and/or videos of the problem before you even discuss it with the contractor,
  • If your project is already underway and the contractor informs you that the agreed-upon price has skyrocketed, do not pay anything beyond what you have agreed to.
  • Always get details in writing via a Change Order, if a contractor says that there will be changes to your project.
  • If a contractor blames the discovery of a structural problems, like a missing beam or termite damage, or design changes, consider a second opinion.
  • Meet with your contractor daily to stay abreast.


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